Birthday Greeting Cards NUMBERS

Make your loved one’s birthday extra special with a hand-written birthday card! Choosing the perfect one can be a challenge, which is why we have a large range of numbered birthday cards spanning just about every birthday, decade and major age milestone.

To celebrate someone’s very first birthday, explore our collection or 1st birthday cards available in a range of colours and patterns to suit their budding personality. Or, if you’re looking for one of those highly anticipated ages that signify the transition to adulthood, take a look at our 18th birthday card (or 21st birthday cards for a more traditional approach!).

Pack in a ton of colour with our decade birthday cards. They span everything from the wonderful age of 30 to that middle aged point with our 60th birthday cards all the way through to an impressive century of life when you can expect a letter from the king as well as a 100th birthday card! We also have everything in between, with floral and mandala patterns to choose from.

Mini Birthday Card NUMBERS

Birthday Greeting Card NUMBERS